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By I Gusti Ngurah Agung Jaya CK, a lecturer of Kriya Study Program ISI Denpasar

The existence of the covid-19 pandemic experienced by Indonesia, caused lecture activities on art campuses, experiencing obstacles, to work on campus, experiencing obstacles. This matter pushed students to work and study from home. Working at home has many obstacles, which are faced by students in expressing their creative ideas, so they start using makeshift media materials.

High enthusiasm to continue in producing works of arts, encouraging students to be more creative and innovate in their creative works. Work diligently and disciplined, so as to produce quality works. The results of the work produced are then collected in the Craft Student Association at ISI Denpasar. Students and lecturers organized exhibitions, to promote the works that have been produced during the covid-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, Kriya Study Program students making a new breakthrough to hold an exhibition at the Denpasar Cultural Park. The number of works exhibited is 100 works, with 9 works of leather, 30 pieces of ceramics, 19 pieces of wood, 11 pieces of masks, and 31 pieces of mixed materials or mixed media. The hundred works were exhibited with the aim of introducing the students’ work while they were at home. Overall, it displays a form of work that has aesthetic value, and is full of creativity and innovation, the work for the most part shows the identity and turmoil of ideas that are in the mind and tries to realize these ideas in a craft art.

This exhibition was opened by the Rector of ISI Denpasar, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Adnyana. SSn., M.Sn. In the spirit of giving appreciation to craft students, to always work with full responsibility, still come up with bright ideas without thinking about the materials and tools used. Crafts are now free to process materials and tools, not still based on certain materials or tools. Everything can be put together creatively and innovatively so as to produce works that are aesthetically pleasing and of high selling value.

Over time, exhibition facilities can be carried out through internet web media with various social media. It’s enough to play with your fingers on a cellphone or laptop, we can sell works very quickly and get a fast response too.

As social media is growing, it is hoped that students must be brave, offering their work through that media, so that creative ideas that have been poured into the form of copyrighted works quickly get appreciation from the wider community, even in a matter of minutes they can reach networks throughout the world.

In the future, it is hoped that all craft students will dare to compete, with entrepreneurs, in the virtual world, to compete in designing virtual exhibitions, both independently and in groups, this is very good to get a quick response from the public. This effort really helps students to become creative young entrepreneurs, to introduce their artistic products to the public.

In addition, students can collaborate with other businesses, without high operational costs and can be reduced. The exhibition process in a virtual way, will provoke creative ideas more quickly, to find superior and competitive copyrighted works.


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