Community Service

Regular Real Work Lecture

Real Work Lecture is a form of community service by students which is held in an institutionalized manner. The implementation of KKN ISI Denpasar is managed through the Community Service Center LP2MPP ISI Denpasar. The goal is to play an active role in helping to achieve national, regional and local development goals through community service in the arts.

National Real Work Lecture

The Art Research and Creation Program facilitates research funding support for proposers in arts colleges and non-art colleges that have art faculties or programs, to conduct research that leads to the creation and presentation of high-value art. facilitate creators, art presenters, and teams of art workers to participate in local, regional, national and international art performances, exhibitions and screenings that can directly raise the good name of the nation. facilitate the transformation of the downstream arts that can improve the nation’s character and character as well as support the development of the national and international arts industry

Community Service

This activity is carried out considering that the economic growth of the community is productive or unproductive. Such as artisan groups, fishermen, farmer groups, livestock groups and other groups. This problem must be addressed in the PKM program, especially for economically productive communities or prospective new entrepreneurs covering the fields of production, business management and marketing.