Bali, Selasa-Jumat 24 s/d 27 Oktober 2023








FKI+XII, 2023 is dedicated as a prestigious arts and designs “biennial” event involving Arts Universities across Indonesia, along with collaborations with maestros, artists, designers, and professional art practitioners. It also specifically involves the participation of Arts Universities from around the world. This event celebrates and honours the latest developments in arts and designs practices, discourse, and achievements by selected students, lecturers, and educational staff. The Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Denpasar is committed to organizing FKI+2023 as a platform to actualize the achievements and dignity of Arts Universities across Indonesia.


Meaning: Weaving imaginations about the maritime world of the archipelago; gloriously building Indonesia’s civilization through the ages. Students, lecturers, and educational staff collaborate to enhance creativity and innovation, with a focus on the splendour of the seas as a reflection of creativity. Sailing the oceans, riding the waves, and catching brilliant ideas that narrate the noble values and cultural heritage of the archipelago. It begins in Bali and extends to all corners.

Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, October 25 2023

Time : 18:00 WITA – end

Location : Nretya Mandala ISI Denpasar


Kalang Kalangon (Pergelaran)

Global-Performing Arts

Rong Rupa Rakta (Pameran Seni Rupa-Desain)

International Visual Art-Design Exhibition

Parama Patra Pawimba (Lomba Nasional)

National Competition

Dharma Waskita Dwipantara (Seminar Internasional)

International Seminar

Lampah Laku Lelangit (Workshop Maestro)

Maestro’s Workshop

Sastra Desa Mawancara (Jelajah Budaya)

Cultural Trip

Pasamuan Maestro Nusantara (Diskusi Terpumpun Maestro)

Maestro’s Focus Group Discussion

Bali-bhuwana Adhikarya

Global-Bali Job Fair and Expo

Badan Kerjasama Perguruan Tinggi Seni Indonesia (BKS-PTSI)