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International Studio for Culture and Exchange FSRD – ALVA (ISACFA) Exhibition

ISI Denpasar FSRD exhibition and visit to The University of Western Australia

21 September – 2 October 2011

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, ISI Denpasar is preparing to conduct an exhibition, workshops and seminars to be held at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts (ALVA), University of Western Australia (UWA) from 21st September until 2 October 2011.

(Note: Music and performance troupe arrive along with Rektor Professor Rai at the Music Department ARTS on 25th September).

The exhibition curated by head of Photography FSRD, I Komang Arba Wirawan (ISI) and Assistant Professor Paul Trinidad (UWA) consists of digitally reproduced works from three visiting artists at the Faculty of Art and Design.

The artists from FSRD  include the Dean of FSRD Ni Made Rinu, who specializes in Kamasan and Traditional Balinese Painting, the Head of Painting, I Made Bendi Yudha, whose works are modern and contemporary painting and I Komang Arba Wirawan who is a photographer.

While they are visiting ALVA they will be working in the Artlaab studio (adjacent to the ALVA building in Nedlands) to produce works in a forum space.  Interested students and visitors are invited to Artlaab to engage with the artists who are keen to discuss the motivation behind their works as well as their relationship with technical aspects of the work.  This would be especially interesting to those wishing to know more about Kamasan painting, the 400-year-old traditional painting of Klungkung.  The guests will be presenting seminars on their fields of work, while they are in residency.  (Venues and times yet to be arranged.)

Academic exchange, collaboration and cooperation between ALVA and ISI have been on-going over a four year period.  This has lead to the development of an overseas studio program, the first of which was held in Denpasar Bali in June this year.  The ISACFA exchange, as it is known, is the first international exchange fitting the model of internationalization developed by the new Dean of ALVA, Winthrop Professor Simon Anderson.

ALVA students have the opportunity to study in country in Indonesia and in exchange, ALVA hosts two academics from the host institution ISI Denpasar to visit ALVA and exhibit their work, present seminars and workshops as well as prepare some examples of their own works-in-progress in the Artlaab studio.  In the inaugural exchange FSRD will be sending an additional artist corresponding with a visit by 20 members of a Music and Dance troupe who along with the Rektor of ISI Denpasar will be in town.  The Music and Dance troupe will be performing for the Faculty of Arts, Music Department  on the 27th September at the Callaway Music Auditorium (UWA).

Work from the ISACFA studio and the visiting artists from ISI Denpasar will be on display in the Cullity Gallery (ALVA) throughout September with a reception to be held on 26th September to officially welcome the guests.


Asst. Prof Paul Trinidad ext 7177 or 040 1022047

[email protected]

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