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A breakthrough in accommodating and appreciating the creations of lecturers, students, and artists, the ISI Denpasar launched the Intellectual Property Center (KI) “Kerthi Widya Mahardika”. This launch is together with the declarations of an integrity zone towards a Corruption-Free Area (ZI-WBK) and the inauguration of the Student Executive Board (BEM) ISI Denpasar, Thursday (24/06/2021), at the Record Media Studio, under Film and Television Study Program. The purpose of the KI is to facilitate the outcome from research/creation/community service in the form of copyrights and simple patents for the lecturers in a competitive manner.

The Rector of ISI Denpasar, Prof. I Wayan Kun Adnyana, explained that the lecturers and students of ISI Denpasar have outstanding creativity, innovation, and productivity in creating an artwork, however, they rarely registered the result of the intellectual property. Whereas through the registration of the Intellectual property, the artwork automatically will receive legal protection, and have the opportunity to be monetized. “To ensure and appreciate the works of lecturers, students, artists, we formed a partnership with the Regional Office of Ministry of Law and Human Rights (KumHam) Bali in building an intellectual property center. In addition, we facilitate the registration of KI results of research/creation/community service by lecturers. We are targeting to register at least 250 copyright certificate recipients in a year ” as mentioned by the former Head of the Bali Provincial Culture Service.

The center of intellectual property (KI) at ISI Denpasar is organized by the Unit for Research, Community Service, and Educational Development (LP2MPP). The head of the LP2MPP ISI Denpasar, Dr. Ni Made Arshiniwati, SST.,M.Si explained that the launching of KI center “Kerthi Widya Mahardika” coincide with the full moon sadha and diversion of the copyright holder of the musical composition entitled “Cinta Kasih Abadi di Bali” (eternal love in Bali) by Prof. Wayan Kun Adnyana (lyrics), I Komang Darmayuda, M.Si (song), Ketut Sumerjana (composer) to ISI Denpasar. “This musical composition is the theme song for the Bali legend television film “Jaya Pangus” which was broadcast by BaliTV. This is a collaboration between BaliTV and Film and Television Major ISI Denpasar ”, Arshiniwati said.

On the same day with the launch of KI central, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design launched the declaration of the Integrity Zone (ZI) towards the Corruption Free Area (WBK) of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design (FSRD) ISI Denpasar. This event is in a combined offline and online format, was attended by Inspector IV of the Inspectorate General of Kemdikbudristek Mashyur Latief and Inspector Iswara, along with the Rector of ISI Denpasar, Vice Rectors, Dean of FSRD, and academic members of ISI Denpasar. “The declaration of the Integrity Zone is the sixth stage of the FSRD-ISI Denpasar to be able to become one of the representatives of working units in the Kemdikbudristek to compete for ZI-WBK” said the Dean of FSRD-ISI Denpasar, Dr. Anak Agung Gde Bagus Udayana.

At the same moment, the inauguration of the ISI Denpasar BEM for the 2021-2022 term of service was also carried out by the Rector ISI Denpasar, Prof. Kun Adnyana, marked by the embedding of Garuda pins on the suits of BEM President Chion Ardiyaksa, and BEM Vice President Yngwie McCuaren Lee.

The Vice Rector in the area of  Academic, Students, and Alumni, Dr. Anak Agung Rai Remawa explained that the student senate organization from 2021-2022 has changed its name to the Student Executive Board (BEM). This is intended so that BEM really becomes the vanguard in the implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) at ISI Denpasar. Thus, BEM can actively contribute by cooperating with all elements of student organizations and all students to participate in the succession of MBKM.

The chairman of the ISI Denpasar Senate, Wayan Gulendra, M.Sn, appreciates the launch of ZI-WBK, inauguration of BEM, as well as the launch of KI center “Kerthi Widya Mahardika” ISI Denpasar. This is a strategic start to ensure that the services and implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education at ISI Denpasar can run according to the vision of becoming a center of excellence rooted in local wisdom with global competitiveness, based on MBKM, as well as responding to the motto of ISI Denpasar, Global-Bali Arts and Creativity Center Hub (G-BAACH).


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