Making Kober Penawasangan by Craft Study Program ISI Denpasar

Dec 13, 2021News

In implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, lecturers of the Craft Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, the Indonesian Art Institute, Denpasar, held community service at the Dalem Temple, Serongga Traditional Village, Gianyar, Saturday 11 December 2021. This community service activity was filled with making uparengga kober penwasangan. which will be used at the temple ahead of the piodalan which will take place on the full moon day, December 18, 2021. The administrator of the Kayangan Dalem Temple in the Serongga Traditional Village, Drs. I Kadek Mertanadi, M.Sc. (55 years old) positively welcomed the activity program of the Crafts Department lecturers at ISI Denpasar. Because this activity can help complete the uperengga equipment before the piodalan at the temple.

The chairman of the committee as well as the temple prejuru Drs. I Ketut Astawa Suyasa (63 years old) also thanked the Craft Study Program ISI Denpasar for the implementation of this PKM program. He hopes that this service program will continue in the future. This activity is considered positive because it can help manners and cannot be assessed in terms of material and also as a cultural preservation program for local wisdom.

Dr. Drs. I Wayan Suardana, M.Sn, a representative lecturer of Craft Study Program ISI Denpasar on that occasion explained that this community service activity involved 20 lecturers and was carried out regularly every semester at different places and programs. This Craft Study Program was attended by the Vice Chancellor of ISI Denpasar, Dr. Drs. I Ketut Muka, M.Si. The service of the Craft Study Program at the Dalem Temple in the Serongga Traditional Village is also equipped with the planting of candlenut trees (tingkih) around the temple area. Candlenut fruit is used as a means of ceremony in Hinduism in Bali. During this service, cleaning aids were also delivered.

Reporter: I Wayan Mudra


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