The Recktor’s Remark

Prof. Dr. I Wayan Adnyana, S.Sn., M.Sn.

Om Swastyastu,
Assalammualaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarrakatuh,
Salam Sejahtera,
Salom, Namo Budaya,

Indonesia Maju Greetings, may you always be in good health and happiness,
Welcome to the Website of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar,

As a path of realization toward “Global-Bali Arts and Creativity Centre Hub (G-BACCH)”, please introduce The Indonesian Institute of the Arts official website with a brand-new layout that is further attractive, innovative, and communicative. As a reliable website, readers shall retrieve information related with academic and non-academic students, lecturers, staff, and achievements of ISI Denpasar. To accommodate local to global readers, the website provides three languages: Balinese language, Bahasa Indonesia, and English. The launching of this website coincides with the celebration of the XVIII Dies Natalis ISI Denpasar 2021.

ISI Denpasar was officially established on 28th of July, 2013, born as a place of art cultivation as well as advancement of art scholarly that is ongoing. Since known as Indonesian Dance Academy (ASTI) in 1967, which then is evolved to Indonesian College of Art (STSI) in 1992, ISI Denpasar as higher education in arts consistently disseminate local spirit of Indonesia that is based on local wisdom, as well as universal insight, and globally competitive.

To generate a high-quality graduate that owned Pancasila spirit, dynamic, critical, creative, and innovative in research, creation, and entrepreneurship field, ISI Denpasar for the past five months has been progressed in improvement on system, strengthen scholarly nomenclature in arts and design as well as enlargement in human resources quality and construct strategic actualization plan. These improvements include dynamization and innovation in administration services, strengthening zones of integrity, information disclosure, bureaucratic reformation, and also development of a planned, measurable performance pattern with achievements that refer to predetermined standards. Improving the system is also accompanied by a pledge, commitment, and militancy to create ISI Denpasar, a Center of Excellence for the advancement of Art-Culture rooted in local wisdom, globally competitive, based on the Independent Learning-Independent Campus.
The development of education, research, and community service is carried out by fundamentally revamping the curriculum of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus, based on the needs of each major under ISI Denpasar. The curriculum formulation process has been carried out by involving 61 maestros, artist-designer, professionals, and also higher education figures. The Independent Learning Curriculum of ISI Denpasar will be implemented thoroughly starting in the 2012/2022. In addition to the implementation of the new curriculum, to ensure that educational services to students are running excellently, since the last five months, the involvement of maestros, artists, professionals, and influential figures has been invited through a scheme of guest lecturers for the 12 Majors (including bachelor and applied bachelor degree programs), and 60 names has been invited simultaneously.
The institutional development is currently under discussion and the formulation of a proposal to transmute the name of ISI Denpasar into ISI Bali; Under the direction of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and carry on with the improvements on the governance system from the Work Unit to the Public Service Agency. The institutional development is also accompanied by the submission of new OTK proposals that are more functional, strategic, and relevant. The institutional development is also inherent in strengthening the nomenclature of art and design science by proposing additional fields of creative media science and digital art governance. This is implemented through the new majors proposal, namely: animation, product design, theater, digital art management, fine arts education, and masters in arts education. The establishment of this new study program will enhance the existing of twelve (12) undergraduate/Diploma majors, namely Dance arts, Karawitan arts, Puppetry arts, Performing Arts Education, Music, Fine Arts, Crafts, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Fashion Design, as well as Film and TV Production, following the complement of the three (3) Postgraduate majors, namely: Master of Arts, Master of Design, and Doctor of Arts.

The Human Resources development and improvement program, involving lecturers and education staff (either functional and administrative staff) is carried out continuously, in order to achieve a superior, professional, with integrity and good quality service human resources. A doctoral dissertation research competition scheme has begun, the publication of reputable international scientific journals, the output of Intellectual Property, and the output of national books. This competition scheme, in addition to touch up a competitive attitude, also directly responds to the Main Performance Indicators (IKU)

Related to the services for strengthening the human resources quality, the Widya Kerti Mahardika Intellectual Property Center of ISI Denpasar has been established in collaboration with the Bali Province Regional Law and Human Rights Office. ISI Denpasar proposals as a Pakerti and AA certification agency has also been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, so that this teaching competency certification service can be carried out independently, and also being well prepared to provide services to lecturers from other universities.

The strategic actualization pattern is performed with a publications arrangement policy to produce more quality and substantive content, namely socialization on mainstreaming the performance achievements that are oriented towards the strengthening and advancing on education, research, and community service in all forms, both independently or in a collaboration with partnerships. The strategic actualization scheme is also manifested in the institutionalization of the Tri Dharma Higher Education dissemination medium on a national and international scale, which is consistent, progressive, in good quality with a reputable and sustainable pattern. The Bali Padma Bhuwana International Festival is dedicated as a medium for international dissemination; and Bali Sangga Dwipantara as a national scale dissemination area. The pattern of strategic actualization is also carried out by setting the ISI Denpasar Website professionally with quality standards for managing quality higher education websites.

Hopefully, by setting the content, layout, appearance, and the use of three languages (Bali, Indonesian, and English) the existence of the ISI Denpasar Website is not only functional as an appliance for digital services, but also as an institutional representation of the ISI Denpasar character and identity.
Congratulations on the launch of the ISI Denpasar Trilingual Website.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om
Denpasar, July 28th 2021

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