As a Guest Lecturer at the Film and Television Production Program, ISI Denpasar, Alffy Rev Shares Career Journey and Creative Process

As a Guest Lecturer at the Film and Television Production Program, ISI Denpasar, Alffy Rev Shares Career Journey and Creative Process

Photo: Alffy Rev posing with lecturers and students at the PFTV Program Laboratory, ISI Denpasar (10/4)

Students don’t always acquire knowledge solely from textbooks and lecturers. Often, especially among students, valuable insights come from experienced practitioners in their field. This philosophy underpins the Film and Television Production Program (PFTV) at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Denpasar (ISI Denpasar), which recently hosted Alffy Rev as a guest lecturer on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

The versatile director, renowned for his work, “Wonderland Indonesia,” delivered a lecture on Film and Television Directing in the PFTV Program Laboratory at ISI Denpasar. The lecture was attended by lecturers and students in 1, 3, and 5 semester in the PFTV Program.

Alffy Rev, whose real name is Awwalur Rizqi Al-firori, shared his journey in the creative industry from 2013 to 2023. He developed a passion for music while in vocational school and later found a new passion for directing, eventually gaining recognition for his outstanding work. He wanted students to see the evolution of his work and personal growth over this period, encouraging them to view themselves as constantly evolving individuals. “From 2013 to 2023, there were many interesting journeys. It’s not about immediately reaching ‘Wonderland Indonesia’; instead, there are crucial stages before ‘Wonderland Indonesia’ came to be,” said the man born on June 18, 1995, in Mojokerto.

He also emphasized that a director must possess a wide range of knowledge. Directors hold the creative vision throughout the production process, from pre-production to final editing. They start with the script and collaborate with screenwriters, and sometimes even write the script themselves. Directors need to oversee every aspect of film or video production. “Directors need to be able to do it all, but it doesn’t mean they have to do it all alone,” added the founder of Dewatlantis Studio.

Rai Budaya Bumiarta, a lecturer in the PFTV Program at ISI Denpasar, who was present during the guest lecture, mentioned that Alffy Rev is one of the rapidly evolving directors in the audiovisual industry today. Besides being a proficient musician, he has directed several music videos. “Alffy Rev created ‘Wonderland Indonesia,’ and this work is aimed at reaching a broader audience,” he said.

Alffy Rev commended the learning ecosystem at ISI Denpasar, supported by adequate facilities. He encouraged students to foster collaboration by developing audio-visual projects beyond campus boundaries. He hoped that many young filmmakers in Bali could thrive in the film industry, thereby diversifying the Indonesian film landscape, which is currently centered in Jakarta. “The filmmaking community can also grow in Bali with more film screenings and frequent film festivals. This will motivate young Balinese filmmakers to continually evolve and innovate,” he concluded at the end of the lecture. (ISIDps/Public Relations)