The Mandara Mountain also Erupted Tremendously

Jun 14, 2011 | Artikel, Berita

Translated by Ni Putu Tisna Andayani SS., Lecturer at Performing Arts Faculty, Karawitan Department ISI Denpasar

A side from Mount Merapi, Mount Bromo and Anak krakatau erupted just the latter. Last Saturday (27/11), the Mandara Mountain also erupted tremendous. Horribly, spit out “wedhus gembel” contain with halahala which is a deadly poison. The toxins that spewed from the top of the mountain threaten all living things. But the people of Central Java, who witnessed the eruption of Mount Mandara seemed calm and even enjoy it. Mandaragiri eruption was a ballet performance that was held in Pendhapa Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Surakarta, Central Java.

Ballet entitled “Siwa Wisaya“performed by the students of ISI Denpasar, which served as the ultimate performance on Gong Kebyar Mebarung in Java and Bali area, held by ISI Surakarta. Gong Kebyar duel that lasted two nights, on the 26th -27th last November, presents four different groups namely: Gong Kebyar ISI Surakarta, ISI Yogyakarta, Puspa Giri Semarang, and ISI Denpasar. The story of Mandara Mountains are served by 60 students of ISI Denpasar, it was contextual with the eruption of natural disasters that are now happening in Indonesia. 

Mandaragiri is very familiar in Java community whose leather puppet lovers. Therefore, the turn of Mandaragiri in the early part of the Mahabharata epic was applied to be communicative in a ballet performance which lasts for 25 minutes. The audiences who attend the Pendhapa listened with enthusiasm and keen of the artistic display with a message which is underlined verbally by the mastermind or narrator in Old Javanese and Indonesian. Once in Satyayuga age, the gods and giants are agree to work together to find Tirta Amrita or the water of eternal life. To get the holy water they should stirring the sea of ​​milk “Ksiarnawa”, with a mountain. On the appointed day, the Mandara mountain at the Island of Sangka which carried by Hyang Antaboga is thrown into the middle of the ocean. To keep the mountain floating, Kurma the tortoise rested on the seabed and occupied on the top of the mountain is God IndraNaga Basuki is twisted on the mountain, his head held by the giants and his tail pulled by the gods. Mandaragiri is turned on. The Ocean was boiling and typhoons blustering.

The habitats of the mountain are bounced out and the ocean habitats are scattered. Suddenly from the top of the Mandara mountain sprit a solid black blob. The gods and the giants cheered excitedly, scrambling and about to drink the melting lump. Lord Shiva is watching carefully of gods and giants action he was swiftly captured and immediately drank it. Lord Shiva’s neck turned into dark blue because the one it was drunk by Lord Shiva is the killer toxin halahala. The gods and the giants get more curios and re-play the turn of Mandara Mountains which then disburse a clear liquid fragrance, Tirta Amrita. The giants fiercely controlled and run. Luckily, God Vishnu wins while pretended to be an angel and seduce them. Tirta Amrita was then spread by God Vishnu to all the human being in the earth and also to bring happiness and world peace.

The cultivation of “Shiva Wizard” ISI Denpasar ballet was pretty neat. I Wayan Sutirtha, S. Sn, M. Sn, one of the choreographers say that he quite satisfied with the artwork of the performance and the dancer’s magnificence accordance with the concept of artistic and aesthetic which had planned. The same opinion is also conveyed by a composer Ida Bagus Nyoman Mas, SSKar he impressed and salutes with the drummer’s team confidence and concentration that appear so neat. The coach at puppetry, I Ketut Kodi, SSP, M. Si and I Nyoman Sukerta, S. Sn, M. Si, also revealed his goal against the appearance of liking the narrator and puppeteer by one of the students at puppetry department ISI Denpasar, Bagus Bharatanatya. Apart to aesthetic visual communication through dance and gamelan musical audio system, Balinese dance-dramas that are performed in front of the community of Central Java interweave a verbal communication within the Indonesian National language.

Narration in the Indonesian language was deeply touched when thrown the moral expressions. The scene of Lord Shiva drank the poison of Mandara Mountains which caused his neck on fire, given the word of Lord Shiva narrative: “Hai para dewa dan para asura, cairan yang kalian perebutkan itu adalah halahala, racun. Aku tak ingin kalian mati binasa karena minum racun gunung itu. Sebagai penguasa semesta, aku rela mengorbankan diriku. Sebagai pemimpin, aku rela jadi tumbal kehidupan demi keselamatan hidup dan keberlangsungan kehidupan“ means : Dear gods and the giants, the liquid that you guys fighting for is halahala poison. Lord Shiva does not want them to drink poison and perish because of the mountains poison. As the possessors of the universe, I’m willing to sacrifice myself. As a leader, I’m willing to be a sacrificial life for the sake of safety of life and sustainability of life. The audiences were satisfied with it. Art is the vehicle for a flexible and powerful communication. When natural disasters came in a row and whack this nation, then the art breakthrough to give an amusement, reflection, and a vessel for introspection.  Just try to be reviewed on the last part of the “Shiva Wizard” ballet of ISI Denpasar. As he splashed Tirta Amrita, God Vishnu said: “O gods, giants, and all mankind. Birth, life, and death are the destiny. Sangkan paraning dumadi is the power of Hyang Widhi. Pray for the Lord. Maintain harmony together and ……, save the earth with loving & harmony.

Translated from Wedhus Gembel Halahala Mandaragiri,

Article By. Kadek Suartaya, Lecturer at Performing Arts Faculty, Karawitan Department ISI Denpasar

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