BALI SUMMER PROGRAM (International Studio for Art and Culture ISACFA)

Feb 10, 2014 | Berita

Chad Bensky (left) and Martin Nuguyen with Japanese Dance sensation Kaiji Moriyama

Chad Bensky (left) and Martin Nuguyen with Japanese Dance sensation Kaiji Moriyama

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In January 2014 ALVA ran the fourth ISACFA In-country Bali summer program in cooperation with Indonesian Seni Institute (ISI) Denpasar. 

The popular Category A ranked broadening unit offers students from across UWA the opportunity to study and experience Balinese Culture first hand at the ISI Denpasar Campus,  and in the village setting.

UWA (ISACFA) students study alongside ISI Denpasar counterparts, young Balinese siswa who assist them with their educational immersion into language and visual art classes which include painting, photography, drawing and graphic arts.

Along with the formal study program ISACFA student’s immersion into culture includes visits to the Museum Bali in Lapangan Puputan and the Kerta Gosa, the so called Sistine Chapel of Bali.  They reflect upon and study Kamasan painting in Klungkung and visit historic architectural sites such as Pura Panglipuran temple.  As a break from the rigor, students participate in an Ashram of Universal Culture to cleanse and purify their spirits.

ISI Denpasar is also a cultural hub for Bali. The winter program coincides with the Bali Arts Festival but in summer, there are always creative activities taking place on campus.

This year students were lucky enough to see Live Bone, a contemporary dance performance by Kaiji Moriyama supported by his team Kodue Hibing and Kohske Kawase.  The famous dancer wowed the audience with his fabulous interactive dance performance and costumes.  In a generous act of spontaneity he invited audience members onto the stage for informal photo sessions.   ISACFA students snapped up the opportunity to share in the afterglow with the superstar.


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