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The Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Art and Design, ISI Denpasar, was established to meet the needs of responding to global challenges. By forming graduates who have knowledge based on local wisdom values ​​and are responsive to all socio-cultural changes and developments in science and technology, so that they can play an active role as a center for scientific studies and create pure artistic works in accordance with scientific, technological and discourse developments global art.

The various advantages described in the vision of the study program are to become an excellent undergraduate study program in the field of fine art creation and study that is internationally competitive. Efforts to realize the vision of the study program are to compile the link between graduate profiles and learning outcomes based on the expected competencies. The development of the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka curriculum prioritizes affective, cognitive, and psychomotor aspects that have pedagogical, personality, social and professional competencies aimed at producing graduates who excel in terms of intelligence, professionalism, and can fulfill the needs of art infrastructure functions as prospective artists fine arts (painters, sculptors, intermedia artists), researchers, curators, art managers, educators, bureaucrats. The study load that must be taken during education is 144 credits with a study period of 8 semesters (4 years).

Another important thing that is the specialty of the ISI Denpasar FSRD Fine Arts Study Program is its existence in the midst of a global cultural and tourism environment which is a universe of learning centers apart from in classrooms, libraries and laboratories. Bali has a famous civilization and lives in harmony with its people, especially in the field of art, which seems very rich and varied. Elements of original and new art can coexist and blend together and can become an important source of knowledge to recognize the continuity of Indonesian and even world art. Apart from that, Bali has historical places, temples, palaces, geria, cultural heritage as well as dozens of museums, galleries, art markets, studios, monuments, maestro/sangging, and handicraft centers. With the collaboration with all these stakeholders, a teaching factory/teaching industry-based learning ecosystem will be built so that the hard and soft skills of fine arts students will be strongly formed. This uniqueness will be a strong basic capital to realize a Study Program that has a different scientific character from similar study programs around the world. With these advantages, creativity, talent, and interest in students can develop, knowledge, experience, and skills can be obtained directly through the teaching and learning process, fostering an independent attitude, discipline, and developing positive potential as well as forming professional morals and ethics. in accordance with the excellence of the Study Program.

Graduate Prospects

Produced graduate profiles: Bachelor of Arts who have an academic mindset and have aspects of attitude, knowledge, general skills, special skills in the field of fine arts and are able to play an active role as pure art creators and art researchers who place local cultural wisdom values ​​as a foundation or a foundation in studying and creating art professionally both in private and social life, for this reason the Fine Arts Study Program produces graduates who are ready to play the roles of:
Creators of Fine Art, who are able to create pure works of art based on research and personal cultural expression, sourced from local cultural wisdom values ​​creatively and innovatively by using creation methods that are realized with certain media and techniques and communicated in scientific writing.
Fine Arts Reviewers (Researchers), who are able to describe and analyze phenomena, problems, and the development of fine arts in socio-cultural contexts in the form of scientific writing through a research process using scientific methods that are embodied and communicated in the form of scientific works.


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The Fine Arts Study Program has Accreditation A from BAN-PT

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ISI Denpasar Fine Arts Study Program provides various student facilities to support educational activities

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ISI Denpasar Fine Arts Study Program has student organizations spread across the scope of the organization, starting from study programs, faculties, to institutes. This includes the Student Activity Unit.

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