Interior Design Study Program

About Interior Design Study Program


The Interior Design Study Program was established on May 10, 1989 at PSSRD UNUD. Then in 2003 moved to FSRD Institute of the Arts of Indonesia Denpasar.

The Interior Design Study Program offers the development of local wisdom-based design insights in accordance with the vision and mission of the institution. The Interior Design Study Program also offers mastery of multimedia and computer skills, which are in line with the needs of the professional world of work.

The Interior Design Study Program has competent lecturers according to the Group of Expertise. With this group, the development of research in interior design science becomes more focused, as well as offering the development of new issues within the scientific scope.

The Interior Design Study Program also collaborates with leading corporate partners. This collaboration includes apprenticeship activities in the MBKM program. This activity provides an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge they have acquired professionally in the world of work.

Graduate Prospects

Interior Design Study Program graduates can have careers as entrepreneurs, drafters, government agencies, researchers, lecturers, and international institutions.


SEMESTER I (20 Credit Points)

  1. Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan dan Anti Korupsi (2)
  2. Gambar Teknik (3)
  3. Teori Desain Interior (2)
  4. Material Interior (3)
  5. Menggambar Garis (2)
  6. Psikologi Desain (2)
  7. Elemen Estetik Bali (2)
  8. Eco Desain (2)
  9. Nirmana Dwimatra (2)

SEMESTER II (22 credits)

  1. Pendidikan Agama (2)
  2. Pendidikan Pancasila dan Wawasan Kebangsaan (2)
  3. Konstruksi Interior (2) 
  4. Desain Interior Residensial (4) 
  5. Studi Lingkungan Interior (3)
  6. Desain Interior Bali Modern (3)
  7. Komputer Desain Interior 2D (2)
  8. Nirmana trimatra (2)
  9. Konsep Desain Interior (2) 

SEMESTER III (22 credits)

  1. Utilitas Interior (2)
  2. Estetika Ruang (2)
  3. Bahasa Indonesia (2)
  4. Sketsa Interior (2)
  5. Desain Interior Komersial (4)
  6. Bahasa Inggris (2)
  7. Komputer Desain Interior 3D (2)
  8. Desain Furniture Dasar (3)
  9. Interior Arsitektur Tradisional Bali (3)

SEMESTER IV (21 credits)

  1. Sketsa Interior Arsitektur Tradisional Bali (3) 
  2. Desain Interior Eksplorasi (4) 
  3. Metode Presentasi Desain (2)
  4. Ashta Bhumi – Ashta Kosali (3)
  5. Desain Lansekap (3)
  6. Filsafat Desain (2)
  7. Desain Furnitur Eksplorasi (4)

SEMESTER V (20 Credits)

MBKM courses

10 credits outside the faculty

10 credits outside the study program within the faculty

SEMESTER VI (20 credits) and VII (20 credits)

MBKM program

  1. Pertukaran pelajar
  2. Magang/ praktek kerja
  3. Asistensi mengajar
  4. Asistensi mengajar
  5. Penelitian/ riset
  6. Proyek kemanusiaan
  7. Kegiatan irausaha
  8. Studi/ proyek independent
  9. KKN tematik

The Interior Design Study Program already has Accreditation A from BAN-PT

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