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About Art Study Program (S2)

Vision dan Mision

Vision :

The Art Study Program Masters Program at the Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar is a center of excellence for the creation, study and presentation of creative and innovative art based on local wisdom with a universal perspective.


  1. Provide knowledge and skills with an emphasis on research in creation and assessment with a multidisciplinary approach;
  2. Providing knowledge and skills with greater emphasis on aspects of lateral, integrative and systemic thinking, inclusive to examine art issues, and can offer new ideas that are dimensional, more creative and innovative;
  3. Providing knowledge and skills with greater priority on aspects of thinking that are analytical, integrative and synthetic a posteriori, the ability to process data in order to be able to present art objects in an objective and accountable manner;
  4. Organizing educational research activities, creating and studying art, as well as entrepreneurial knowledge, to develop innovative scientific works based on local wisdom with a universal outlook in order to increase competitiveness at the local, national and global levels;
  5. Organizing community service activities in the context of dedicating the results of the creation and study of art;
  6. Organizing inventory, development and dissemination of scientific works and works of art based on local wisdom, in order to preserve and develop the sustainability of the nation’s cultural values.
  1. Located in the Bali region with a strong traditional culture as a basis for the creation and study of art
  2. Have competent teaching resources according to their fields
  3. Have adequate facilities and infrastructure
Graduate Prospects

Artists, researchers, lecturers, art entrepreneurs, educators, and entrepreneurs.


Immediately filled


The Masters Program in Art Study Program has Accreditation A from BAN-PT

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The ISI Denpasar Masters Program in Arts Study Program provides a variety of student facilities to support educational activities

Student Organization

The ISI Denpasar Masters Program in Arts Study Program has student organizations spread across the scope of the organization, starting from study programs, faculties, to institutes. This includes the Student Activity Unit.

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