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The Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar is in the Province of Bali which has unique arts and culture as a basis for developing education based on local culture. The culture of high tolerance and the hospitality of the Balinese people makes it easy for every researcher to conduct research for studies. In addition, Bali is a living laboratory for Indonesian culture as an object of learning, research and community service. The Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar is the only doctoral program study program located in Central and Eastern Indonesia, so it is very strategic for developing the study, creation and presentation of art equivalent to the level of the Nine IQF.

ISI Denpasar has nine Professors who are competent in the field of arts and culture to support the learning process in the Art Study Program Doctoral Program at ISI Denpasar. In addition, they also have human resources with Doctoral qualifications in the position of associate professor. Each lecturer has experience writing in various reputable national and international journals (Scopus). This study program is supported by educational staff with Masters qualifications. These advantages have the potential to produce well-qualified graduates who are able to compete at the national and international levels.

The facilities to support the learning process use the Citta Kalangen building which is located on the south side of the ISI Denpasar Campus. This building is very representative to support the learning process which consists of six classes for learning rooms, libraries, courtrooms, lecturer rooms and education staff rooms. Inside the building is equipped with learning tools such as: LCD, WIFI technology, repository, digital cameras, computers, printers and other digital equipment. The infrastructure support is meant to speed up the learning process and student graduation.

Graduate Prospects

Since 2017, ISI Denpasar has won the trust of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia to open a Doctoral (S3) Art Study Program for the interest of studying, creating and presenting art. In this global era, Balinese art and culture have interacted and become part of a cross-cultural world. Since the establishment of the Island of the Gods as a tourist destination for Central Indonesia, Bali Island has become a place for interaction between Western and Eastern cultures, where modern cultural values ​​meet with traditional culture. Tourists from various parts of the world come to Bali to bring cultural values ​​from their country of origin. Meanwhile, the rapidly growing tourism industry in this area has made Balinese cultural arts activities and products, both sacred and secular, a tourism commodity. All of this has consequences for the greater penetration of foreign culture, in its various forms, to Balinese cultural traditions. Under these conditions, the position of Balinese art becomes increasingly vulnerable to foreign and foreign artistic elements, and the process of secularization of Balinese art accelerates. If not addressed correctly and well, this can endanger the existence of Balinese art in the future.

Balinese art and culture as part of the heritage of the Indonesian nation to continue to exist without having to lose their identity, a system of defense and development of arts and culture is needed that is supported by resources that have aesthetic and artistic sensitivity, creativity and intelligence and high intelligence. They are not only able to perform or present but also present the concepts that underlie their cultural arts scientifically with clear academic responsibilities. More than that, the discovery of new concepts, ideas, and works of art, through scientific research, will make Balinese art stronger in facing various challenges of the times.

Based on the background above, it shows that if developed and empowered properly and well, art and culture is the DNA of the Indonesian nation to become a supercultural nation. However, this nation’s cultural heritage does not yet have a strong cultural strategy so that its development is measurable and sustainable and has resistance to foreign cultural influences. The system of maintaining and developing the nation’s arts and culture requires human resources with the highest academic qualifications in the field of arts and culture, namely the Doctor of Arts. These experts can only be procured by establishing and strengthening institutions. This shows how urgent and strategic it is to promote art and culture in Indonesia through a three-level art education. In addition, to strengthen the defense system and develop Balinese arts and culture, this study program is very strategic for arousing and increasing a sense of cultural pride in the sons of the nation, improving the quality of human resources and scientific development which will ultimately lead to increased intelligence and welfare to strengthen sovereignty in the field of national art and culture (nation competitiveness).

At the international level, the Doctoral Art Study Program at ISI Denpasar will become a forum for cross-national interaction considering that in the past fifty years there have been an increasing number of world-class art creators or cultural researchers who have come to carry out art work or research in Bali, both independently and collaboratively with local artists and art researchers. This will be able to increase the degree of Indonesian culture in the eyes of the world community and at the same time help the wider community to better understand the richness, similarities and diversity of world art and culture.


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