Gigantic Mural of Independence Learning Mesmerizes AQAS Expert Panel

by | Apr 3, 2024 | News

Photo: The Rector of ISI Denpasar, Prof Dr I Wayan ‘Kun’ Adnyana along with the leadership team, AQAS expert panel, and alumni of ISI Denpasar posing in front of the mural, Wednesday (27/3).

The mural created by alumni and students of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar-Bali on the eastern wall of the Citta Kelangen Building at ISI Denpasar amazed the AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs) expert panel. This was revealed during a campus tour as part of the International Accreditation Visitation for 4 (four) Study Programs at ISI Denpasar, on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, in the afternoon.

The expert panel was astonished to witness the creation of a 22×16 meter mural with a focus on an image of a girl engrossed in reading a book. One of the AQAS expert panelists, Clarissa Alice Neff (expert in graphic design, pattern design, footwear design), appeared amazed by this communal artwork. She also praised the solidarity of ISI Denpasar alumni and students who collaboratively created this beautiful and magnificent mural. “This is a wonderful work of art. Very inspiring.”

The mural activity was part of the Mural Art Workshop “Charma Wara” during the series of Alumni Art Festival “Bali Citta Samasta.” This inaugural alumni festival was held from March 19 to April 2, 2024.

ISI Denpasar presented nine mural figures who are also alumni of ISI Denpasar as speakers for Charma Wara. They are I Putu Gede Wahyu Paramartha, S.Sn., M.Sn., Perwira Kesuma, S.Sn., I Komang Merta Sedana, S.Sn., I Wayan Mardiana, Lorenz Angelia Rieza Pangestuty, S.Ds., I Made Arde Wiyasa, S.Sn., I Wayan Dwima Adinata, S.Ds., Fiqih Widhiyanto, A.A. Gede Wira Merta, S.Sn. The workshop was attended by active students of ISI Denpasar from various study programs, including Fine Arts, Interior Design, and Visual Communication Design.

One of the Charma Wara speakers, I Komang Merta Sedana, S.Sn., or affectionately known as Manggen, depicted a girl reading as the main focus of the mural. This image carries rich symbolism. The activity of reading not only represents access to knowledge and education but also signifies the power of imagination, inspiration, and personal growth.

“We named this mural ‘Luh Munaroh.’ The word ‘Luh’ refers to the concept of femininity, while ‘Munaroh’ is inspired by two words, namely ‘Muna’ and ‘Roh.’ ‘Muna’ is derived from ‘Manu,’ which depicts the essence of humanity, while ‘Roh’ represents the soul or spirit that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Through this title, we aim to convey profound meanings about women, humanity, and spiritual heritage that transcend time,” said this Fine Arts alumni. (ISIDps/Humas-RT)


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