ISI Denpasar inaugurated two new doctorates

by | Nov 17, 2021 | News

Denpasar (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Denpasar inaugurate two doctorates’ students of art creation, I Wayan Sujana and I Ketut Garwa, both of whom are lecturers on campus.

The two ISI Denpasar lecturers were successively tested by 11 examiners, including from academics outside ISI Denpasar,” said the Rector of ISI Denpasar Prof Dr Wayan Kun Adnyana in Denpasar, Tuesday.

The Art Study Program of the ISI Denpasar Postgraduate Doctoral Program graduated the two doctoral students in an open examination which took place on Monday (15/11) and Tuesday (16/11).

I Wayan Sujana, who is fondly known as Suklu, produced findings on the art practice of MAL (Mobile Art Laboratory): Alternative Space for Community-Based Performing Arts Creative, while Ketut Garwa on the transformation of the Ngrebeg Kuningan tradition in Bangli City in colossal musical compositions.

During open exam, Monday (15/11) Ketut Garwa was tested by Prof. Dr. I Nengah Duija, Prof. Dr. I Komang Sudirga, Dr. I Nyoman Sukerna, Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Seramasara, Dr. I Kadek Suartaya, Dr. I Ketut Suteja, and Dr. Ni. Made Arshiniwati.

Examiners from the promoter element Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dibia, Co-Promoter 1 Prof. Dr. I Wayan Rai S., Co-Promoter 2 Dr. I Gede Yudarta, and the Chief of the Examiner Prof. Dr. Wayan Kun Adnyana—The rector as well as the Head of the Organizing Unit for the Art Study Program of the ISI Doctoral Program Denpasar.

The Rector of ISI Denpasar Wayan Kun Adnyana also as the promoter led an open examination on Tuesday (16/11) for Sujana Suklu, with examiners Prof. Dr. Setiawan Sabana, Dr. Jean Couteau, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Suarka, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Sedana, Dr. I Nengah Wirakusuma. , Dr I Ketut Muka, Dr I Ketut Suteja, and Co-Promoter 1 Prof Dr. I Wayan Dibia and Co-Promoter 2 Dr I Wayan Suardana.

During the open exam, Ketut Garwa convincingly responded to all the questions posed by the examiner.

“Ngrebeg Kuningan in Bangli City is transforming into a colossal musical composition, requiring observation, imagination building, then creative practices that manage the talents of Bangli local musicians, until a composition is born that departs from the Pangurip Panca Dewata concept,” said Garwa.

According to Garwa, who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts, ISI Denpasar, this work can be a model for transforming ritual traditions into new artistic creativity.

Meanwhile, Prof. Komang Sudirga as the examiner said the work of Ngrebeg Kuningan Colossal Music Composition has the meaning of transforming sacred religious values ​​related to the Ngrebeg rite in Catus Pata as the axis of the world (cosmic axis), the unification of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

“The concept of work based on the Pangurip Panca Dewata with odd numbers is not commonly applied in Balinese musical compositions, but through a creative touch, the nuances of musicality flow harmoniously. This innovative creativity can be used as a source of inspiration for young composers in the future,” said Sudirga.

Meanwhile, Sujana Suklu is noted to have practiced the MAL concept 10 times in various locations. Prior to the final exhibition at Komaneka Gallery, Ubud agilely explained the findings of art practice based on interaction, dialogue, and collaboration, including intermingles in MAL, enabling the general public to practice art together.

One of Sujana Suklu’s examiners, Dr Jean Couteau, emphasized that Suklu’s paintings are very personal, but in turn, he consciously builds a communal collaboration space full of possibilities.

“Personal painting does not become an obstacle to build collaborative creative spaces across arts, even with the wider community. This is a sociological path for contemporary art,” said the French anthropologist who has lived in Bali for decades.


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